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Residential Heating & Cooling

Residential Heating & Cooling

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The type of heating/cooling you choose to add to your home is dependent on not only the space but factors like insulation, draughts, and personal comfort.

These factors are essential in selecting the right sized appliance that will significantly reduce cooling and heating loads, giving you an energy-efficient system.

Split Systems

A Split System is one of the most popular types of unit we install. The unit is "split" into two. One part is inside, and the other is outside. 

These systems are energy-efficient and relatively quiet, leaving you with conventional and efficient living. Your Split system will leave your inside space looking sleek, why the outside unit does the hard work.

Reverse Cycle Splits

A Reverse Cycle Split System offers heating and cooling all year round. 


A reverse cycle is an air conditioner unit where the refrigeration cycle can be reversed, producing heating instead of cooling.


It's two systems in one that works most efficiently together. These systems are adaptable and flexible in helping to purify the air year-round whilst maintaining its efficiency.

Multi-Head Split Systems

A Multi-Head System is essentially numerous wall-mounted split systems that can run off the same outdoor condenser. When all indoor units are in operation, the outdoor unit divides the power distribution evenly across the units. Like standard wall-mounted indoor units, each indoor unit comes with its own controller that can be programmed to work independently or with the whole team!


Prices for multi-head systems can become cheaper than ducted systems and achieve the same outcome – multi-room cooling when you require it.

VRF Air Conditioning

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems use heat pumps or heat recovery systems to provide effective heating and cooling for indoor and outdoor units. VRF combines flexibility, energy efficiency and regard for the environment with a wide choice of stylish units. 


With a VRF system, your building will have multiple indoor units utilized by a single outdoor condensing unit, either with a heat pump or heat recovery system. The main contrast between the two is that the latter can provide simultaneous heating and cooling. 


A controller regulates and operates the sequence of outdoor units and individual compressors for a reliable and straightforward experience for all users.


VRF Systems' benefits include customised heating and cooling, flexible design, energy-efficient and a quiet run!

Mini Ducts

Mini-duct air conditioning and heating systems provide cooling and heating in a compact size. This means the systems can fit into places where traditional ducts cannot.


Mini-duct systems are a whole lot more efficient. Because the ducts in these systems are significantly smaller than traditional systems, there is less surface area for energy loss. Mini-ducts are insulated, and their joints are much tighter.


Mini-ducts create more evenly circulated air. The systems are installed in new homes and builds and can easily be retrofitted into older homes during renovation.


These systems offer exceptional versatility and separate controllable zones.

Gas Ducted heating

Ducted gas heating allows you to use just one single heating unit to heat the entire house. The air is then forced through ducts that are insulated to reduce heat loss. The heated air goes through the duct outlets into the open space, warming the room.


Modern ducted heaters are much more energy-efficient than older models, giving a more pleasant consistent temperature, more reliable control of your fan speed, and no need for a pilot light! 


Gas Ducted heating is aesthetically pleasing, straightforward to control, efficient and offers constantly distributed comfort to your space.

Ceiling Vents

Ceiling vents can be a simple solution and offer a special delivery of cooled air as cold air sinks.


Ceiling vents allow air to pass through the attic and out through vents in the roof.

Other benefits include that Ceiling vents don't waste usable space and can be cost-effective.

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