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Buyers Guide

We've taken the guess work away!


There are key factors for selecting the perfect air conditioning unit for your home. To simplify your decision, we've crafted a handy Buyer's Guide outlining the ideal air conditioner capacity (size) based on different room sizes.

You need to consider essential factors such as room size, ceiling height, insulation quality, window size, sunlight exposure, local climate, and more.

Great for the Study or Home Office Room size Up to 20sq m


Kids, Master Suite or Guest Room. Room size 20–40 sq m


Home Theatre, Family Rumpus, Dining and Formal Entertaining. Room size 40–60 sq m


Dining or Entertaining Room, Multi Purpose Large Space, Open Plan Living. Room size 60–80 sq m


Large Multi Purpose Space, Large Open plan living space. Room size 80+ sq m


Factors to consider when choosing an air conditioning unit for a home in Victoria.

Ensure the air conditioner has sufficient cooling and heating capacity to effectively cool your specific room or home size.

Look for air conditioners with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating to reduce energy consumption and save on electricity bills.

Melbourne has a temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters. Choose an air conditioner that can handle both cooling and heating to ensure year-round comfort.

 Opt for a unit with reverse cycle functionality, allowing you to use it as both an air conditioner and a heater, providing versatile climate control throughout the year.

Consider the noise produced by the air conditioning unit. Look for models with low noise ratings, especially if you plan to use the unit in bedrooms or other noise-sensitive areas.

Some air conditioners come with built-in air purification or filtration systems, which can help improve indoor air quality by removing allergens, dust, and other pollutants.

Take into account the installation requirements of the unit, including the available space, ventilation, and electrical connections. Ensure it is compatible with your home’s setup.

Consider the maintenance requirements of the unit and the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Look for models with easy-to-access filters and a reliable warranty for peace of mind.

If you're not sure, It's always a good idea to consult with a professional electrical technician. We can assess your specific needs and provide a personalised recommendations for your home.

Discover the wonders of split system air conditioners:

These compact and stylish units work by regulating temperatures by delivering both hot and cool air. 

Explore renowned brands stocked and installed by CBair: Carrier, Braemar, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung and plenty more!

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Experience the advantages of split system air conditioners:

 > Harness the power of inverter technology for precise temperature control and impressive energy efficiency (up to 35% savings).

> Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with air purifying airflows and built-in allergen filters.

> Achieve optimal comfort while keeping electricity costs in check.

> Indulge in individualised climate control with multiple indoor evaporator units, each with its own remote, for different rooms.

Split System High Wall Air Con Unit

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